£585m: Value of G4S contracts with the Home Office and the Police

£585m: Value of G4S contracts with the Home Office and the Police

Evidence given by the Home Secretary to the Home Affairs Committee


Can someone decode the following?

Can someone decode and deconstruct the following?

Taken from Issues and Challenges: The Viewpoint of West Midlands Police Authority p11 para 4


So who does provide custody facilities for Staffordshire Police?

Case study: Staffordshire Police

The Staffordshire Police northern custody facility became operational in 2005 providing centralisation of policing services across North Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent. G4S operates and maintains the facilities as well as providing a complete range of support services, which includes carrying detainees to and from the facilities and between police forces.

“The flexibility and willingness to go the extra mile is always there; our Custody Manager states that we get a better level of service from G4S CDO’s than we ever got in-house.”

Staffordshire Police spokesperson