Model motion on the privatisation of Police Services in the West Midlands

(please adapt to reflect the structure and remit of your organisation)

 This Trade Union/Party Branch notes:

  1. West Midlands and Surrey Police Authorities have commenced a joint procurement process to privatise police services under the Business Partnering for Police Programme (BPP).  According to the Contract note the aim is to outsource all services that ‘can be legally delegated to the private sector’2
  2. The BPP programme is being promoted and directly supported by the Home Office which is piloting the programme in the West Midlands with the intention of rolling it out nationally.
  3. Driving this privatisation are 20% annual cuts which are being made to the West Midlands Police Authority budget over the four years of the Comprehensive Spending Review.
  4. The BPP contract will be worth of £1.5bn taxpayers’ money which would in future be paid into the coffers of a private company.
  5. The privatisation of Police services has important implications for civil liberties and will inevitably lead to a weakening of public accountability over critical areas of police activity including investigating crimes, detaining suspects, developing cases, responding to and investigating incidents.
  6. The declared aim of BPP is to drive down unit costs and this can only be achieved by an attack on the future terms and conditions of Police staff providing these services.
  7. The Companies who have been shortlisted for bidding for the BPP include KBR and G4S. KBR and G4S have questionable human rights records including:
  • KBR has had extensive contracts from the US Government to provide services to support the military occupation of Iraq and was involved in the construction of the Guantanamo Bay detention facility. KBR’s subcontractors have been engaged in human trafficking and use forced labour to provide its services in Iraq.
  • G4S is the subject of a call for boycott for being complicit of in Israel’s military occupation of Palestine. G4S provides infrastructure for prisons and detention facilities in the occupied Palestinian territories and Israel which are used to detain Palestinian prisoners.
  • In the UK G4S has been the subject of 700 complaints over the treatment of asylum detainees of which 130 were upheld.  In 2010 G4S lost a Home Office forcible deportation contract after the death of an Angolan deportee, Jimmy Mubenga, while being restrained on a flight back home.

This Branch resolves to:

  •  To support the Trade Union’s organised within the Police Authority in their on-going campaign to oppose the privatisation of Police services.
  • To publically campaign to oppose the BPP privatisation programme and the contractors bidding for the contract.
  • To raise awareness among the membership of the implications of this significant privatisation.

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