On perverse double standards

There is a perverse double standard at work in the current policing reforms between the past behaviour of candidates for the Police and Crime Commissioner and the corporate behaviour of certain private companies seeking to run outsourced policing services.

Very youthful indiscretions have led two PCC candidates to withdraw from the November elections, candidates of standing and experience.

The Government’s policing reforms also include the privatisation of policing functions, in the West Midlands the Government is seeking to pilot the Business Partnering for Policing programme before national roll out.

West Midlands Police Authority has selected a company to bid for the BPP contract with a recent human rights judgement against them.  Under the procurement regulations a public authority has the discretion to consider the human rights records of companies and to determine whether any violations constitute grave professional misconduct, grounds for exclusion.

A detained and vulnerable man was restrained for 8 days while receiving hospital treatment.  In the case of FGP the High Court found that Serco had had acted in violation of the detainee’s right not to be subjected to inhuman and degrading treatment.

WMPA has gone on record to state that it does not consider this High Court judgement to be grave professional misconduct and by shortlisting Serco as a bidder considers them to be a suitable business partner.


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