The case against G4S, preferred bidder for BPP

Dear Bishop Webley,

Business Partnership for Policing: Preferred bidders

I am writing to you ahead of the West Midlands Police Authority meeting on 12th July 2012 as a residents of the West Midlands to make two requests:

Request 1. G4S and subsidiary companies be excluded from the procurement process for the Business Partnering for Policing (BPP) contract because we believe there is evidence:

a)    G4S is guilty of grave misconduct through its active participation in violations of international and humanitarian laws and norms.

b)    G4S seeks to minimise the scope of its contractual responsibilities within the occupied Palestinian territories to prevent proper scrutiny of its human rights record.

c)    G4S has been repeatedly accused of providing poor services in many of its public sector contracts, making it a wholly unsuitable recipient of the public’s money.

d)    G4S has failed to uphold the minimum standards of the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) Base Code in its treatment of workers across all divisions.

The detailed background behind this request is set out further down in this letter.

Request 2. Any West Midlands Police force or Police Authority employee or member who has accepted hospitality from G4S group companies and/or holds investments in G4S group companies and/or employment and/or consultancy arrangements with G4S, be excluded from working on the entire procurement process on the basis that they are likely to be compromised and/or have significant conflicts of interest in relation to G4S’s bid on the Business Partnering for Policing (BPP) contract.  This request is based on the belief that as a large multinational G4S has significant resources and so may have the ability to unfairly influence key decision makers in relation to its bid.

To read the rest of the letter from West Midlands Palestine Solidarity Campaign  to the Chair of the Police Authority click on the link The case against G4S


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